More than ever, international mobility is a guarantee of success and openness: experiences abroad are today decisive elements in the promotion of students' curricula. The University of Nîmes is committed to strengthening partnerships and international cooperation to allow everyone to get involved in international exchanges.

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The University of Nîmes is currently making international openness one of its priorities, focusing on five main goals:

1. Promoting outgoing mobility by facilitating procedures and improving support within the university.

2. Improving the quality of foreign students and staff welcome, especially through language support: come and study at UNÎMES!

3. Strengthening the existing relations with partner universities: develop relations in new fields, strengthen inter-university relations between teachers and coordinators.

4. Improving the UNÎMES exchange network by defining priorities in geographical, linguistic and cultural terms.

5. Actively participating in sharing the international activities of the Universities of Occitanie



The University of Nîmes holds the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ Charter

It is a member of the “Agence universitaire de la francophonie” and of the Campus France Network


International Relations Office
Rue du Dr Georges Salan, CS 13019
30021 NÎMES Cedex 1

Opening hours :

Monday to Friday
8h30 – 12h30  / 13h30 – 16h30

Or by appointement

Pr. Nicolas Leroy (nicolas.leroy @
Vice-President for International Relations

Mrs Mélissa Perrin (international @
Head of Office / Erasmus+ Coordinator / Partnership Manager

Mme Aglaé Barranger (international @
In charge of student mobilities

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