Admission with Erasmus+ or in a bilateral exchange

To come and study at the University of Nîmes under a bilateral agreement or Erasmus, you need to:

  • Check with the International Relations Department of your home university that there is a student exchange agreement with the University of Nîmes.
  • Apply to your home university to participate in the exchange programme.
  • Be selected by your home university, which will communicate to the University of Nimes the list of the selected students.
  • Contact the person responsible for international exchanges in your course to agree on a study programme that will be validated upon your return to your home university. (For this, you can consult the details of the academic offer and take into account the semesters where the courses are taught to prepare your Learning Agreement.)


To help you in your choice of courses, please keep in mind the following information: on the models of the study programmes, each "UE" (teaching unit) contains several "EC" (constituent elements), or classes, which are required to attend to validate the number of credits indicated in the “UE”.
Example: The “UE” Methodology 4 (AL4UE5 - 3 ECTS) in the 2nd year of “AES” bachelor degree contains a social science methodology class (1 ECTS) as well as an English class (2ECTS).

  • Fill in the exchange form then sign it electronically or print it and sign it and attach the following documents:
  • A cover letter in French
  • Current and previous years’ transcripts of records
  • The equivalent diploma to the baccalaureate
  • A copy of your identity document
  • A copy of your home school certificate
  • A copy of your European health insurance card (if you are a national of the European Union)
  • A proposal for a study programme validated by your teacher from your home university
  • An insurance certificate for « Responsabilité civile » (civil liability) and « Rapatriement » (repatriation)
  • If possible, a language level certificate


Then, you must send your file by email to the International Relations Office (international @

Application deadline: May 31

A confirmation letter will then be sent to you by email.