The University of Nîmes is a public scientific, cultural and professional establishment (EPCSCP), subject to the provisions of the French Education Code and texts adopted for its application, except as otherwise provided in article L. 711-4 of the same code.

Organisation of the University of Nîmes

Since decree no. 2007-733 of 7 May 2007 on the creation and provisional organisation of the University of Nîmes, our institution, which was previously a university center, has become a fully-fledged university, like all other EPCSCPs.

This change in status, combined with our university's professional vocation, has led to a structural and functional reorganisation in line with our missions.

The President, Benoît ROIG, who was re-elected on 19 November 2020, has surrounded himself with a tightly-knit team: four vice-presidents, one deputy vice-president, seven project managers and a Director General of Services who acts as an advisor in developing the strategy defined by the President and the university's governing bodies. To manage the facility, the team relies on a simplified organisational chart.

With the adoption of its articles and internal regulations, UNÎMES has set up a number of bodies (university and advisory councils, research and teaching committees, etc.) that will enable it to run this new structure around four training departments - Sciences and Arts; Psychology, Humanities, Languages and History; Law, Economics and Management; Training and Promotion of Physical, Sports and Artistic Activities.

Publication of the final decree

Decree no. 2012-614 of 30 April 2012 relating the definitive statutes of the University of Nîmes was published in the Journal Officiel on 3 May 2012. It "perpetuates the mode of organisation and governance of the University of Nîmes at the end of the experiment that was conducted on the basis of decree no. 2007-733 of 7 May 2007."

UNÎMES "remains a professional establishment".


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