Industrial site dismantling, waste and pollution management Professions

Professional Undergraduate Degree: Industrial Site Dismantling, Waste Management and Pollution Management Professions


Course objectives


   The 3D Undergraduate Degree was established in 2001. The course is delivered by Nîmes University Centre for Training and Research and is co-validated by the National Institute for Nuclear Sciences and Techniques (INSTN - CEA).

    The course is aimed at providing specialised degree level training in the following areas:

  • Industrial site dismantling, dismantling and rehabilitation of mining and nuclear sites
  • Treatment, packaging, storage, and stocking of household and nuclear waste
  • De-pollution of industrial and mining sites
  • Risk management for the above sectors (safety, security, quality)

 Course Description

   The 3D Undergraduate Degree is based upon:

  • A multi-disciplinary core curriculum (200h) with a wide range of modules for bringing knowledge and skills up to the required level (English, energies; nuclear sciences, specialised software, communication, environmental and industrial law, business management)
  • Three specialised modules as detailed opposite
  • A personal project with report on the comparative analysis of industrial sites visited and case studies
  • A 5 month company placement (March to July), concluded by a placement report and oral presentation before a jury

Opportunities and/or prospects

Graduates from this course acquire the following skills:

  • Understanding of the techniques and methods applied to de-pollution, industrial site dismantling, and waste management (3D)
  • Preparation, organisation, and control of work sites or specific projects
  • Analyses of the risks related to industrial site dismantling and waste management projects
  • Operation or activity planning with evaluation of complexity level  


   The main partner companies are: CEA, IRSN, Andra, AREVA, EDF, STMI, SGN, Technicatome, Socodei, Endel, Onectra, Quille, SMD, Novergie, CEBTP, Aquitaine Démolition, Ocreal, France-déchets, NGOs (DRIRE, ADEME,), etc. These companies regularly participate in the 3D Undergraduate Degree and/or regularly take on work placement students.

Entry Requirements

   Admission to the 3D Undergraduate Degree is based on initial application and interview (1 admission for approximately 4 applicants):
A 2 year diploma in scientific subjects (DEUG, BTS, DUT, or equivalent), or
Continuing education for the unemployed with relevant experience and for employees wishing to develop their career options.



Curriculum: Professional Licence Degree in Industrial Site Dismantling

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