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   The work of a Psychologist goes well beyond the classic image of institutional work with the mentally ill, children with learning difficulties, or in difficulty in their family environment. The scope is much wider; skill evaluation, human relations (Human Resources Management), ergonomics (educational, working environments, etc.), learning, behavioural analysis, artificial intelligence, recruitment, training, etc.

   The Psychology degree is a foundation for professional Psychologists and also teacher-researchers in Psychology.

   The title of Psychologist is earned after a five year course and validation of a Professional Master's degree in Psychology. The profession of researcher or lecturer-researcher is open to students with a Master's degree plus a Doctorate in Psychology.

   Upon graduation from the 3-year University degree, a wide range of options are open:

  • Leave the Psychology course for competitive entry examinations into the medical field
  • Social or education sectors (Primary school teacher, school psychologist, etc)
  • Orientation towards the profession of psychologist via a vocational Master's degree
  • Orientation towards university teaching and/or research via a research based Master’s degree

A professional Master's degree with two specialities:

  • Clinical psychology, psychopathology and mental health
  • Environmental psychology

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