English (Language and civilisation) Degree

General Undergraduate Degree in English LLCE (Language, Literature and civilisation)

Course objectives


   Our aim for the English programme at the Nîmes University Centre is to offer students an in-depth knowledge of the language, literature, and civilisation of the Anglophone world.  Our programme has a strict balance between British and American teachers.  In addition we offer an extended programme dedicated to the British Commonwealth cultures during the third year of study.


    This bachelor degree, therefore, qualifies the graduate for the same professions which can be obtained with the diplomas given by the IUFM (for example, elementary/ primary /secondary school teacher).  It also can lead to a Master’s Degree in English, opening up careers which, as can be observed in the Anglophone countries, are not restricted to University teaching.  Indeed a literary education can be an important asset in many domains, including the corporate world, whether it is in central sectors such as HR management, marketing strategies…or more peripheral sectors such as consulting.


What makes our program unique ?


   The Nîmes University Centre proposes the following choices in obtaining an Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in English:


Major in English—Minor in Spanish
Major in English—Minor in History
Major in English—Minor in Modern Letters


  The choice of a minor is made in the first year and remains the same throughout all three years.  The second specialty (the minor) not only offers a different cultural perspective to the chosen Major, but also it constitutes a supporting training course which can be useful when taking the Competitive Professional Exams (for example, IUFM, Capes, Agrégation).  This combination of curriculums is unique in our region and is clearly appropriate for all the professions connected with tourism, translation or the media.

   In addition, the University of Nîmes offers students who have finished the two first years of the programme the opportunity to choose, in the third year, the curriculum for a “classic” Undergraduate degree or the curriculum for a “professional” degree.  The student qualifies for a professional degree by adding an optional course of studies to the main English programme.


How is the programme organised?

   The first semester of the LLCE Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree is a preparatory programme, which, in addition to the English courses, allows the students to get acquainted with the Spanish-speaking culture and to deepen their knowledge of the two “minors” which must be chosen in the first year:  Spanish, History or Humanities.


    Each of the 5 semesters of the English programme consists of three teaching units (UE) in English, i.e. at least 130 teaching hours, one UE of a minor consisting of 39 teaching hours, associated with a non-specialist language, i.e. 19.5 hours each, and a UE of methodology consisting of two obligatory choices of 19.5 hours each, to be chosen among four related to English:  advanced courses in literature and civilization, specialized translation or art and image, to which the option of Arab culture and civilization can be added.


Conditions of admission

   Only those students who have studied English during high school, in preparatory classes or possessing a valid diploma in languages can be admitted to our programme.

   As soon as the results from the High School final exam/A-levels (baccalauréat) are available, the candidates’ should fill in the admission form, which can be obtained at the registrar office of the Nîmes University, Site Vauban, Rue du Docteur Georges Salan, 30021 Nîmes Cedex 01.


Training plan English Degree

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