Social and Economic Administration (AES)

General Undergraduate Degree in AES (Social and Economic Administration)

   AES (Social and Economic Administration) at Nîmes is based on a continuous 3 year curriculum (6 semesters) resulting in an Undergraduate Diploma –the French ‘Licence’- specialised in local government administration.
   After this degree, students wishing to continue their studies may continue on to a Master's degree (a further 4 semesters) offering in depth legal training (legal professions) or they may pursue their studies in the fields of economics and management (AES specialised in urban and cultural development in the Mediterranean region). This course is aimed at training managers to take on administrative responsibilities in both the private and public sectors.

   The AES course is dedicated to acquiring multiple skills and therefore offers a multi-disciplinary approach based around three main subject fields: law, economics, and management. In addition to the fundamental educational plan, this approach promotes a learning experience with :

   -  Multi-disciplinary analysis of the economic and social environment
  - Fundamental skills: mathematics, statistics, information technology, modern languages
   -  Organisational techniques
   This course provides professional orientation and includes internships and placements as part of its academic approach from the Undergraduate Degree onwards.

Course description

   The first year, the course includes lectures and tutorials which can be based upon a chosen specialisation. Evaluation includes a final examination for all students in a written or oral format.
   The grade for this examination is added to the continuous assessment (exercises, presentations, presence) grade. A second make up exam is available in September.


Opportunities and/or prospects

   This course prepares students for a wide range of professions in the private, managerial, project management, or consultancy sectors. 
   The public sector is particularly keen on recruiting students from this type of course with employment opportunities in central or local administrations following a competitive entry examination for specific positions. Students may also opt to pursue their studies to the Doctorate level.

Entry requirements 

   Admission is open to holders of a High School Diploma with a focus in Science, Economics or Literature. Holders of a High School Diploma in Tertiary Sciences and Technology may apply if they can display a good general level of studies, written expression, and logic.
   In addition to true motivation for further education, the AES course requires a capacity to adapt to a range of methods in relation to the disciplines taught.


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