General diplomas

General Undergraduate Degree  (French Licence) in Decorative Arts

Professional diploma

Professional Licence Degree in Arts, Textile Products and Derivatives

Department presentation

Located in the historic Fort Vauban, the Arts department of the Nîmes University Centre includes the following programmes:  Plastic Arts, Decorative Arts, Cultural Mediation and Communications, IUP (University Institute for Vocational Training) and the Arts and Culture Professions. This department, through the quality and originality of its training programmes (which have been designed with respect to regional and national coherence), is developing its influence throughout the Mediterranean region, notably through exchanges in Spain and Italy. It is one of the most important parts of the University and offers education to over 600 students. The department is integrated into the city of Nîmes’ arts and culture policy (Carré d’Art, Fine Arts School, etc.).  Being focused on the requirements of contemporary creation, it above all promotes:


  • Conception, Creativity and Technical Skills
  • A multidisciplinary approach
  • Vocational / professional / academic options.

In order to provide a bridge between theoretical and practical teaching and also training and professional experience, particular importance is placed upon a wide variety of contacts (teachers, researchers, professionals, artists, lecturers) and materials (I.T. and multimedia). The current and future training programmes take into account students’ future options, with validation available at 3 years (Licence -LMD) via a vocational degree option or via a general option for those wishing to pursue their studies to Masters (5 years) or Doctorate (8 years) levels or enter the competitive examination to become part of the teaching staff (at Nîmes for Decorative Arts and at Montpellier for Plastic Arts).

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