Curriculum: Professional Licence Degree in Industrial Site Dismantling

Curriculum: Professional Licence Degree in Industrial Site Dismantling

Semester 1


Module A — Industrial site dismantling


- Dismantling nuclear installations: strategies, methods.

- Rehabilitation of industrial and mining sites: procedures, methods

- Techniques of decontamination, remote operations, dismantling.

- Demolition of civil engineering structures: techniques, methods.

- Asbestos removal

- Establishing an industrial site dismantling or demolition scenario.

- Feedback on industrial experience and case studies.

- Remediation and bio-remediation of polluted soils.

Module B — Waste


- Household and industrial waste: category, sorting, processing, storage.

- Recycling and enhancement of industrial and household waste.

- Nuclear waste: categories, methods of transport, packaging, holding and storage.

- Waste analysis, waste zone allocation

- Geological storage: the multi-barrier concept, long term storage.

- Liquid and gas waste: treatment methods, production standards and controls.

- Sewage plants: techniques, procedures, standards.

- Heavy metals and dioxins.

Module C — Industrial risk management


- Nuclear security: radioprotection, dosimetry, biological effects of radiation, security.

- ICPE/INB: regulations, life cycles, operating rules.

- Impact studies, danger studies.

- Classic security: risks of fire, chemical or asbestos contamination… preventive plans, risk analysis.

- Subcontracting: establishing specifications,…

- Quality and Quality Assurance.

- Protection of natural environments.

- De-pollution: legislation.

- The impact of waste production on ecosystems.


Total : 240h

Semester 2


Placement (March to July)

- 5 month company placement , concluded by a placement report and oral presentation before a jury


Total : 5 months

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