Curriculum: Life and environmental sciences

Curriculum: Life and environmental sciences


1st year


Semester 1


UE1    Biology – basic curriculum    50h
UE2    Chemistry – basic curriculum     50h
UE3    Maths, Physics – basic curriculum     50h
UE4    Biology, Chemistry – introduction    50h

    One option from the following:  

    Experimentation in Chemistry    50h
    Geology (recommended option for those aiming at teacher training)    50h
UE5    General Methodology    50h

Total    250h

Semester 2

UE6    Biology – basic curriculum     80h
UE7    Chemistry – basic curriculum     50h
UE8    Maths, Physics – basic curriculum     54h
UE9    Discipline Based Methodology (2 options    
    Biology    30h
    Chemistry    30h
    Geology (recommended for teacher training)    30h
UE10    General and scientific culture    
    ENGLISH    30h
Total    304h

   2nd year

Semester 3

UE11    Maths, Physics – basic curriculum     116h
UE12    Biochemistry, Chemistry – basic curriculum     115h
UE13    Organic chemistry – basic curriculum     50h
UE14    Phylogenesis and Invertebrate Classification – basic curriculum     29h
UE15    General and Scientific Culture    60h
    English    30h
    Optional module OP3    30h

Total    370h

Semester 4

UE16    Microbiology, Animal and Vegetal Physiology – basic curriculum     124h
UE17    Instrumentation & Structure in Biochemistry – basic curriculum     86h
UE18    Biology – basic curriculum        78h
UE19    General and Scientific Culture    60h
    English    30h
    Optional module OP4    30h
Total    348h

    3rd year

Semester 5

UE20    Immunology I – basic curriculum    Immunology Techniques for Bio-detection    30h
UE21    Bio Techniques I – basic curriculum     50h
UE22    Molecular Genetics – basic curriculum        62h
UE23    Microbiology and the Environment – basic curriculum     60h
UE24    Structural and metabolic biochemistry – basic curriculum     60h
UE25    General and Scientific English and career orientation    30h

    Conferences, field trips, examples: Guest lecturers: Pr G. Grassy (DRRT), Dr D. Dupret (CEO Proteus SA), Dr C. Stakonas (Cedra Bourgogne), Dr F. Lefèvre (Research Directo at Protéus SA), Dr C. Vincent (Vice president at the Atomic Energy Authority), Dr D. O'Callaghan (DR INSERM-Nîmes)… Visits: a half day visit to Cézanne SA, a day trip to DSV-13 at the Marcoule site of the Atomic Energy Authority. Practical work: 1st semester, 1 3 hour session per week for 10 weeks

Semester 6

UE26    Organic Chemistry – basic curriculum     50h
UE27    Cellular Biology – basic curriculum     50h
UE28    Bio-techniques II – basic curriculum     (courses by DSV-13 from the Atomic Energy Authority)    40h
UE29    Bio-information and bio-statistics – basic curriculum     20h
UE30    Immunology II – basic curriculum        40h
UE31    Pharmacology, Toxicology - introduction    30h
UE32    Animal physiology - introduction    30h
UE33    Virology and applications    20h

    1 option from a choice of 2:   
    General Culture and Communication    20h
    Preparation for the teacher training college entry examination    20h
    Viva voce examination on a given document   
    Practical work (1 week)

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