General diplomas


General Undergraduate Degree in English LLCE (Language and Civilization)


General Undergraduate Degree in Spanish LLCE (Language and Civilization)


Department presentation


In the historic site of Fort Vauban, near the main university library, the Linguistics Department combines English LLCE (Language, Literature and Foreign Civilisation) and Spanish LLCE undergraduate degrees.


These courses are based on a multidisciplinary approach with a major and a minor subject, meaning that a total of 6 course combinations are available:


  • English LLCE degree + minor Spanish
  • English LLCE degree + minor History
  • English LLCE degree + minor Modern Letters


  • Spanish LLCE degree + minor English
  • Spanish LLCE degree + minor History
  • Spanish LLCE degree + minor Modern Letters

The key professional objectives:

  • Teaching professions
  • Cultural and tourism professions

Open to all baccalaureate holders, these Undergraduate courses offer a wide range of study options. They  adhere to the European higher education requirements, thus optimising student's options in terms of future career choices ior as part of a longer term educational or professional orientation.

The advantages: small group sizes, close teacher contact and monitoring, programmes that follow the official texts, common objectives.

Two key strengths: development of bisemic thinking (a major cultural advantage); small group sizes (very rare in higher education).


Course objectives


A 3 year double-major course: The chosen minor curriculum serves to enrich the main discipline, thus consolidating future career options and opportunities.


Specific preparation for teaching professions:

  • Primary school teachers
  • A wide range of professional career paths:
    Modern languages


Potential further education towards a Master's degree in Languages

  • Research Master's degree
  • Vocational Master's degree


Course Description


The Language department - Modern Letters and Human Sciences - has deliberately taken a different direction from the traditional linear approach that takes students down the path of choosing a specialisation right from their entry and into higher education.


These courses are designed to offer an open and intellectually enriching approach through their multidisciplinary nature.


Students choose a "major" discipline:

  • English LLCE
  • Spanish LLCE


With this "major", students are free to choose another complementary discipline, the "minor".


English LLCE degree students have the following choices for their minors :

  • Spanish
  • History
  • Modern Letters



Spanish LLCE degree students have the following choices for their minors :

  • English
  • History
  • Modern Letters


In addition to the major subjects, interdisciplinary teaching elements including methodology, applied information technology, and a minor modern language offer a rich teaching complement.


The aim of this double-major degree: Two recognised Undergraduate degrees:

- "LLCE English"- Bachelor's degree in English

- "LLCE Spanish"- Bachelor's degree in Spanish


A wide and complete knowledge base:

  • in each discipline, the general requirements are complementary and provide a foundation for future, more specialised teaching


Complementary methods:

  • studying source texts, bibliographies, advanced methodologies in two different disciplines encourages an open minded approach while developing specialised understanding.


Complementary skills:

  • greater oral skills
  • a high level of written expression
  • a rich general knowledge.


  • skill development (dissertation, text commentary, oral presentations) through work in small groups  to optimise each individual's chances of success.


The result


A demanding but also highly recognised diploma, geared to being the start of a student's future rather than the end of their education. Graduates can then take competitive entry examinations for teaching professions or choose from a vast range of career options made available by this degree.

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