General Undergraduate Degree in Law

General Undergraduate Degree in Law

Course objectives

   The first two years of this three-year course are aimed at providing foundation training to enable students in their third year to select from a range of options for a future career in the legal profession.    

  The third year of the degree is based on developing legal reasoning and methodology and also laying the groundwork for later specialisation. Upon successful completion of the Undergraduate degree, students can access a Master's course or also take competitive entry examinations for civil service management positions.

   Graduates may equally opt for a career in the private sector (business unit management, legal services, administration).


Course description


   The first four semesters (L1 and L2) contain the basic curriculum for public and private law that form an essential base for future specialisation (constitutional law, civil law, administrative law, penal law, public financing law).

   Additional tuition input provides students with a wide reaching view of the legal professions (institutional and administrative jurisdictions, public financing, penal law). General culture units help students develop understanding of university working methods and embrace peripheral areas of the law (political sciences, history, languages and I.T.). The final two semesters (L3) mark the beginning of specialisation into certain areas of public or private law (company law, labour law, fundamental liberties, EU law). 

   Specific tuition modules are open to students wishing to take public service competitive entry examinations (general culture, competition methodology). Obligatory placements or internships with professionals (lawyers, notaries, administrations, companies) are aimed at developing awareness and understanding of the professional environment.

   A vocational degree in 'Law and Techniques for construction operations management' is available at Nîmes. It is specifically aimed at students who wish to specialise in fields such as real estate management. Admission is by individual application.

Opportunities and/or prospects


   Holders of an undergraduate degree may continue their studies towards a Master’s degree (General Law Master - M1 and Professional Public Law Master - M2 are available at Nîmes Site). Undergraduate degree holders may also enter public service competitive entry examinations or apply for positions in the private sector.

Entry requirements


   The following may apply for the Undergraduate Degree course:
   Holders of a baccalaureate with specialisation in Science, Economics or Literature can qualify for this course.

   Holders of a baccalaureate in the Technical or Technology sectors may also apply (such applicants may be required to carry out further studies in certain subjects)
Holders of initial diplomas in law
   Students with equivalent levels of qualification to the above.


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