UNÎMES: Serving your project


Welcome to the University of Nîmes

Nîmes' University: a young, dynamic structure, integrated into the European higher education programmes offering a multidisciplinary approach to learning and rich contacts with the leading higher education establishments (universities, engineer level schools) and international partners and all within a human scale structure. UNÎMES aims to offer a training system that enables each individual student to determine their own training path and develop their own personal project.

The ambition of the university is to prepare you to become the 'entrepreneur' of your future, an actor in society. The objective is to train you to act rather than follow, to give you the tools to establish your personal project, to learn to work as part of a team and to take calculated risks.

The establishment's multidisciplinary approach doesn't mean that it covers every field and discipline but rather selected centres of excellence. The University's high quality and original training programmes have been designed with respect to regional and national coherence and the application of a multidisciplinary approach to prepare students for the workplace of today and tomorrow in cutting edge professions that are often the modern interface to more classical disciplines.

The University of Nîmes is therefore structured to serve your personal project with a single objective: your success.

The Rector

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