Health insurance

Health insurance

  All students (up to the age of 28) must, in France, be affiliated with the national students' health insurance (except for special situations related to a parent's profession, such situations are indicated in the enrollment file).

Insurance coverage runs from the 1st October to 30th September the following year.


   All hospitals have an emergency room that is open 24 hours a day. Physicians and pharmacies are on call nights and weekends.



European citizens


You are asked to provide your European card for health insurance.


You will keep this insurance while you stay in UNÎMES.


Non European citizens


   The renowned French health system reimburses a portion of participants' medical expenses in return for a mandatory annual contribution of 198 Euros.


   Student group health plans (called "mutuelles étudiantes") are available to cover all or part of that portion of your medical bills that are not covered by the basic national system. Premiums for such supplemental coverage start at 110 Euros per year.



Students 28 and older can obtain a special health insurance,the "CMU".




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