Free mover EU citizen

You are an European citizen (EU) 



You will complete your secondary education this year 


Admission into the first year of Licence (Bachelor courses)


For Licence's programmes, the general admission requirement is the French baccalauréat.
To be admitted into the first year of these programmes, the European candidate must possess either a British A level, a German Abitur, a Spanish Bachirelato, an Italian Diploma di maturità classica or Diploma di maturità scientifica...


As soon as you have your second level degree, you can apply for the discipline of your choice.

Please ask the "scolarité" for an enrollment form. This form is avaiblable at the end of June.



You finished secondary education before this year 


You must complete an application form. This form is downloadable and must be sent to the "scolarité" before May 15th . In June a committee will examine your request and inform you which curriculum and which year you are qualified for.


Please note that applying for M2 level requires different procedure :


  • to fill a special form (avaiblable in April)
  • to have an interview, wherever you live.


 Proficiency in French


European students are not requested to present a proficiency in French.

But it is highly recommended to speak French to attend courses !


Please note the level required for non EU citizens:


  • Applying for L1, L2:

Level B1 on each item tested (Min 8/20 in writting proficiency)


  • Applying for L3 and more:

Level B2 on each item tested 


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