Prospective students

Prospective Students


You want to study in UNÎMES and we are pleased to welcome you.


  • You want to study within the framework of university exchange
  • You want to study as a free mover

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Studying within an exchange framework


Being an exchange student means that you enrol in your home university, pay the tuition and health fees in your home university. You will not obtain a degree in Nîmes but in your home university.

Agreements have been drawn up between Unîmes and international establishments.
This is notably the case in Mexico ( and Quebec ( and certain European universities.


You should contact your university's international office and check if such agreement exists.


European students


Non European students

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Studying as a free mover

According to your nationality and country of residence,

there are different ways to apply.



You are an European citizen (EU) 


You are not an European citizen


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