Training plan IUP MAC (Arts and Culture Professions)

Training plan IUP MAC (Arts and Culture Professions)


1st year


UE1    Economics, administration and management    147h
    - Introduction to economics    42h
    - Introduction to law    42h
    - Introduction to management and accounting    42h
    - Information technology    21h

UE2    Art and culture    154h
    - Performing arts: framework and professional aspects    56h
    - Plastic arts: framework and professional aspects    56h
    - Aesthetics: framework and fundamental aspects    21h
    - Sociology (and ethnology) of cultural events    21h

UE3    Languages, expression and communication    196h
    - Modern language 1    56h
    - Modern language 2    28h
    - Written and oral expression    56h
    - Communication    56h

UE4    Cultural engineering techniques    105h
    - Project methodology and logistics    42h
    - Stage design    35h
    - Sound and lighting techniques    28h

UE5    Professional practices    76h
    - Exploring the professional environment    52h
    - Field visits    14h

- Work placement of 4 weeks (minimum) in France or abroad

Total  678h


2nd year


UE6    Economics, administration and management    132h
    - Cultural economics    36h
    - Intellectual property law ? labour law    36h
    - Management and accounting    36h
    - Human resources management    24h
UE7    Art and culture    114h
    - Performing arts and contemporaneity    36h
    - Plastic arts and contemporaneity    36h
    - Aesthetics: transversal problems    18h
    - Museology    24h
UE8    Languages, expression and communication    180h
    - Modern language 1    48h
    - Modern language 2    24h
    - Written and oral expression    48h
    - Communication and cultural events    60h
UE9    Cultural engineering techniques    96h
    - Project management    48h
    - Data analysis and processing    24h
    - Cultural marketing    24h
UE10    Professional practices    70h
    - Intervention by professionals    24h
    - Intercultural projects    36h

- Work placement of 8 weeks (minimum) in France or abroad

Total    592h


3rd year

UE11    Economics, administration and management    120h
    - International cultural economics    30h
    - Law and taxation, company law, EU and international law    40h
    - Management and accounting    40h
    - The contemporary art market    10h
UE12    Art and culture    80h
    - Cultural industries    20h
    - Tourism and cultural development    20h
    - Events    20h
    - Technological innovation and the cultural market    20h
UE13    Languages, expression and communication    130h
    - Modern language 1    40h
    - Modern language 2    20h
    - Promotion and art critics    30h
    - Communication and media    40h
UE14    Cultural engineering techniques    100h
    - Project evaluation techniques    30h
    - Cultural project management    40h
    - Cultural marketing    30h
UE15    Professional practices    64h
    - Intervention by professionals    24h
    - Field visits    10h
    - Work placement of 12 weeks (minimum) in France and/or abroad 30h

Total    494h

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