Training plan Science of materials and systems

Curriculum: Science of materials and systems



1st year


Semester 1


UE = Teaching Unit


X Obligatory module C(X/Y) Choice of X modules out of Y

                                                          OP1    OP2    OP3 
                                                      MI      MIP   
M1    Maths                            50h                  X   
M1a    Maths                          50h        X       
P1    Physics                           50h        X        X   
I1    Information technology   50h        X       
C1a    Chemistry                     50h                 X   
    General methodology         40h        X       X   
    CHOOSE 2 FROM 4               
M1b    Maths                           50h         X      X   
C1b    Chemistry    50h    C(1/2)       
E1    EEA    50h    C(1/2)       
I1    Information technology    50h        X   
                                                TOTAL    290    290               

Semester 2

UE = Teaching Unit


                                                            OP1    OP2    OP3       
                                                        MI       MIP   
M2    Maths                               60h       X   
M2a    Maths (M2a-1+M2a-2)    10h       X       
C2a    Chemistry                       65h       X   
Me2    Mechanics                       50h      X       
P2a    Physics (P2+TP)              65h       X   
P2    Physics 5                           50h       X       
    CHOOSE 2 FROM 4   
P2b    Physics                             30h    c(2/4)       
M2b    Maths                               30h    c(2/4)      X   
I2    Information technology       30h    c(2/4)       X   
C2b    Chemistry                         30h    c(2/4)       
F2    French                                  30h    c(1/4)    c(1/4)   
S2    Science of education             30h    c(1/4)    c(1/4)   
O2    Information technology tools    30h    c(1/4)    c(1/4)   
E2    Physical and Sports Education    30h    c(1/4)    c(1/4)   
A2    English    30h    X    X   
                                                         TOTAL        290    300  

2nd year

Semester 3

UE = Teaching Unit
                                                                    OP1        OP2           OP3                                                                              MI         MIP   
M Me3    Maths 80h / Mechanics          30h                  X   
M3    Maths (M3-1+M3-2)                    100h    X       
I3    Information technology                80h     X       
C3    Chemistry                                    55h                  X   
P3    Physics (P3+TP)                           75h                  X   
P3    Physics                                         60h   c(1/2)       
Me3    Mechanics                                 60h    c(1/2)       
    CHOOSE 1 + English
F3    French                                          30h    c(1/4)     c(1/4)   
S3    Science of Education                    30h    c(1/4)     c(1/4)   
O3    Information Technology Tools       30h    c(1/4)     c(1/4)   
E3    Physical and Sports Education      30h    c(1/4)     c(1/4)   
A3    English                                          30h    X             X   
                                                     TOTAL        300    300 

Semester 4

UE = Teaching Unit

                                                                           OP1     OP2    OP3
                                                                      MI        MIP   
M4    Maths                                             80h       X   
M4a    Maths (M4a-1+M4a-2)                 100h      X       
I4    Information Technology                   80h        X       
C4    Chemistry (organic, mineral)          110h      X   
P4    Physics                                           60h        c(1/2)    X   
MMe4    Maths in Mechanics                    60h       c(1/2)       
    CHOOSE 1  
    Electronic Circuits                                50h    c(1/5)       
    Radioactivity                                       50h    c(1/5)       
    Introduction to Cryptography             50h    c(1/5)       
    Information Technology                      50h    c(1/5)         X   
    TERE (Research work)                         50h    c(1/5)       
                                                        TOTAL        290    300     

3rd year

Semester 5

            UE = Teaching Unit
                                                                                    OP1      OP2    OP3 
                                                                                    MI         MIP   
M5a    Maths-Topology                                             50h    X       
M5b    Maths-Integration and Theory of signals       50h    X         X   
IF5a    Software Management tools and methods    50h    X         X   
IF5b    Object Orientated and Algorithmic

Programming                                                            50h     X        X   
M5c    Maths-Algebra and applications                      50h    X       
IF5c    Algorithms, graphs and application                50h    X       
P5a    Physics - Optical electromagnetism                 50h             X   
P5b    Physics - Mechanical physics                           50h              X   
P5c    Physics - solid state material properties          50h              X   
MNI    Information technology refresher               
MNM    Mathematics refresher  
                                                                                TOTAL        300    300    

Semester 6

UE = Teaching Unit
                                                                                  OP1    OP2    OP3
M6a    Maths - Probabilities                            50h    X       
M6b    Maths - Differential calculus and numeric analysis    50h    X    X   
M6c    Maths-Geometrics    50h    c(1/3)       
M6d    Maths - Combinatorial logic and introduction to languages    50h    c(1/3)       
M6f    Maths project    50h    c(1/3)       
IF6a    Digital imaging information    50h    c(3/4)    c(1/3)   
IF6b    I.T. for data compression and data security    50h    c(3/4)    c(1/3)   
IF6c    I.T. - Scientific calculations and applied artificial intelligence    50h    c(3/4)    c(1/3)   
IF6d    I.T. project    50h    c(3/4)    c(1/2)   
PPR6    Physics - Preparatory course for teacher training    50h        c(1/2)   
P6a    Physics - Quantitative physics and relativity    50h        X   
P6b    Physics – Classic and static thermodynamics    50h        X   
P6c    Physics – Electrical circuits, practical work    50h        X    
    TOTAL        300    300   

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