Training plan Biotechnology Professions

Curriculum: Biotechnology Professions


Semester 1


UE1    Immunology 1: Immunology Techniques for bio detection     30h
UE2    Bio techniques I     50h
UE3    Molecular Genetics     62h
UE4    Microbiology and the Environment     60h
UE5    Structural and Metabolic Biochemistry     60h
UE6    General and Scientific English and career orientation     40h
UE7    Industrial Biotechnology     40h
UE8    Pharmacology - Toxicology     35h
UE9    Information Technology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics     40h
UE10    Company management, property law, legislation     40h
    Testimonies from entrepreneurs in the sector, visits to sites, conferences (DRRT, CEA-DSV, CIRAD, Cézanne, Agence du Médicament…)    40h
    Practical work: 1st semester, one 4 hour session per week for 10 weeks     40h

Total    537h

Company placement: 1st March – 1st August

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