Training plan General Licence Degree in Psychology

Curriculum: General Undergraduate Degree in Psychology

1st year



Semester 1

UE1    - Fundamental unit 1    104h
    Introduction to Clinical Psychology and Experimental and Cognitive Psychology    
    Introduction to Social Psychology and the Psychology of Development    
UE2    - Fundamental unit 2    78h
    General Training in Psychology    
    History of Ideas in Psychology    
UE3    - University Methodology    19.5h
    Written methods and communication     
UE4    - Modern Language    19.5h
Total    221h


Semester 2

UE5    - Fundamental unit 3    104h
    Analysis of Human Science data    
    Human physiology    
UE6    - Fundamental unit 4    78h
    Methods of Psychology    
    The Fields of Application of Psychology    
UE7    - General Culture and Expression    19.5h
    1 optional module    
UE8    Modern Language as per semester 1    19.5h
Total    221h


2nd year


Semester 3

UE9    - Fundamental unit 1    124h
    Clinical and Pathological Psychology    
    Psychology of Development    
UE10    - Fundamental unit 2    78h
    General Neurophysiology    
    Analysis of Human Science data    
UE11    - Modern Language    19.5h
Total    221.5h

Semester 4

UE12    - Fundamental unit 3    124h
    Experimental and Cognitive Psychology    
    Social and Workplace Psychology    
UE13    - Fundamental unit 4    78h
    Functional Neuroanatomy    
    Introduction to Psychometrics    
UE14    - Modern Language    19.5h
Total    221.5h


3rd year


Semester 5

UE15    - Elements in Psychology 1    91h
    Clinical and Psychopathological Psychology    
    Cognitive Psychology    
UE16    - Complementary tuition    52h
    Data analysis and processing    
    Data analysis techniques    
UE17    - Thematic tuition 1    84h
    Clinical psychology for traumatic events 1    
    Clinical psychology: evaluation tools    
    or Social Psychology 1    
    Information Acquisition and Experimental Methods    
    Interview Techniques    
UE18    - Modern Language    19.5h
Total    246.5h

Semester 6

UE19    - Elements in Psychology 2    104h
    Social Psychology    
    Psychology of Development    
    Psychophysiology 2    
UE20    - Field Studies    56h
    Studies in Clinical Psychology    
    Studies in Social Psychology    
UE21    - Thematic tuition 2    56h
    Clinical Psychology 2 :    
    Fundamental Psychopathology    
    Clinical Methods and Tools    
    Social Psychology 2 :    
    Introduction to Statistics Software    
    Analysis of Psychosocial Situations    
UE22    - Modern language     19.5h
Total    235.5h

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