Training plan Master in Psychology

Curriculum: Master in Psychology

1st year


Semester 1

UE1    Core curriculum 1 (HM1F1F)    52h
    - Fundamentals concepts (HM1F11F)   
UE2    Speciality 1 (HM1F2F)    78h
    - Clinical Psychology, psychopathology and mental health: child and adolescent psychology - Analysis of presentations - Rorschach- Conferences by professionals on the profession of psychologist (HM1F21F)   
    - or Social and Workplace Psychology (HM1F22F)   
UE3    Methods and Techniques (HM1F3F)    26h
    - Tutorial - Methods and techniques in clinic psychology (HM1F31F)    13h
    - Tutorial - Methods and techniques in social psychology (HM1F32F)    13h
Total    156h


Semester 2

 UE4    Core curriculum 2 (HM1F4F)    26h
    - Methodology (HM1F4F)   
UE5    Speciality 2 (HM1F5F)    78h
    - Clinical Psychology : psychic transmission, clinical psychology and psychopathology of the adult. Analysis of fundamental texts in psychopathology – child and adult psychological examination (HM1F51F)   
    - or Social Psychology (HM1F52F)   
UE6    Option (HM1F6F)    26h
    - Non specialist clinic psychology (HM1F61F)   
    - or Non specialist. social psychology (HM1F62F)   
    - or Psychology of Development (HM1F63F)   
    - or Neurophysiology (HM1F64F)   
UE7    Study and Research Work (TER) (HM1F7F)    26h
    - Tutorial - TER in clinical psychology: dissertation supervision – internship reports (HM1F71F)   
    - or Tutorial - TER in social psychology (HM1F72F)    
Total    156h


2nd year


Semester 3

Specialisation environmental psychology

UE8    Core curriculum 1 (HM2F1F)    26h
    - Fundamental concepts (HM2F1F)   
UE9    Environmental Psychology – related understanding (HM2F2F)    52h
    - Urban Sociology (HM2F21F)    13h
    - Territorial Management (HM2F22F)    13h
    - Social Diagnostic and risk management (HM2F23F)    13h
    - Territories and Populations (HM2F24F)    13h
UE10    Evaluation tools and disciplinary methodology (HM2F3F)    26h
    - Analyses, behavioural maps, evaluation and correction of stress (HM2F31F)    13h
    - Multidisciplinary intervention in a natural environment (HM2F32F)    13h
UE11    Environmental psychology - Foundations (HM2F4F)    78h
    - Theoretical aspects of environmental psychology (HM2F41F)    39h
    - Perception, Representation and Behaviour (HM2F42F)    39h
Total    182h

Semester 4

UE12    Core curriculum 2 (HM2F5F)    26h
    - Code of conduct and professional bodies (HM2F51F)   
UE13    Environmental professions (HM2F6F)    52h
    - The profession of consultant (HM2F61F)    13h
    - The profession of project manager (HM2F62F)    13h
    - Conferences on presentation of environment related professions (HM2F63F)    26h
UE14    Applied statistical analyses (HM2F7F)    26h
    - Multidimensional analysis techniques (HM2F71F)    13h
    - Using information technology (HM2F72F)    13h
UE15    Specialised methodology (HM2F8F)    26h
    - Applied research and research protocol in a natural environment (HM2F81F)   
UE16    Environmental communication (HM2F9F)    26h
    - Environmental behaviour (HM2F91F)    13h
    - Communication between local authorities and the population (HM2F92F)    13h
UE17    Internship and dissertation (HM2F10F)    26h
    - Conferences-debates and personal follow up on TER and internships (HM2F101F)    
Total     182h

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