Training plan Social and Economic Administration (AES)

Curriculum : Social and Economic Administration (AES)

1st year    


 Semester 1

UE111    Introduction to Economics    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE112    Constitutional Law    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE121    Introduction to Political Science    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE122    Maths-Stats    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE13    University Methodology    19.5h

UE14    Modern Language    19.5h

Total    247h


Semester 2

UE211    Introduction to Management    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE212    Introduction to Private Law    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE221    Key Economic and Social Problems    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE222    European Institutions Law    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE23    Quantitative Techniques    19.5h

UE24    Modern Language    19.5h

Total    247h

2nd year  


Semester 3

UE311    Contract Law    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE312    Accounting    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE321    Theory of Organisations    26h
    - Tutorial    13h


UE322    Currencies    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE33    Introduction to Social Sciences    19.5h

UE34    Modern Language    19.5h

Total    247h

Semester 4

UE411    Economic Analysis    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE412    Administrative Law    39h
    - Tutorial    26h

UE421    Economic Policy    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE422    Commercial Law    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE43    Information Technology    19.5h

UE44    Modern Language    19.5h

Total    247h 

3rd year


Semester 5

UE511    Multiculturalism    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE512    Local Authorities Law    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE513    Industrial Economics    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE521    The Economics of Growth    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE522    Management Controlling    26h
    - Tutorial    13h

UE53    Information Gathering Methodology    19.5h

UE54    Modern Language    19.5h
Total    234h

Semester 6

UE61    Optional Module     117h

UE62    Optional Module     117h

UE63    Methodology and Company Placement     19.5h

UE64    Modern Languages     19.5h
Total    273h 
Specialisation Modules (three 39 hour courses)

Module 4
641 - Local Authority Economics
642 - Public Policies
643 - Public Law

Module 7
651- Local Authority Management
652 - Local Taxation
653 - Spatial economics 


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