Training plan Textiles products and derivatives

Curriculum : Textiles products and derivatives


Semester 1

 UE1    Conceptual Introduction    40h
    - Methodological Tools    25h
    - Research and Development    15h

UE2    Interaction and Communication    25h
    - Human and Communication Sciences    25h

UE3    Management    40h
    - Organisational and Relational Management    15h
    - Strategic and Financial Management    15h
    - Business Environment and Creation    10h

UE4    Languages    40h
    - English    40h

UE5    Materials    75h
    - Origin and Behaviour    58h
    - Manufacture and Assembly    17h

UE6    Product and Representation    30h
    - Representation Techniques   15h
    - Communication Techniques    15h

UE7    Production Management    80h
    - Production Management    80h

UE8    Design and Development    80h
    - Construction Principles and Techniques    20h
    - Modelling and Prototype Production    60h

UE9    Industrial Product Culture    40h
    Ethnology and Creative Process    20h
    Forms and Shapes:  Specialised Language and Theory    20h
Total   : 450h

Semester 2

UE10    Tutorial project    125h

UE11    Company placement 3 months    
    - Project    125h
    - Placement (12 weeks)  
Total  :  125h

 Year total  :  575 h + 3 months 

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